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Forward Calls Using VOIP

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    VOIP Newbie

    Have a question for you guys out there. I am trying to come up with a way to forward phone lines from one location to another using VOIP. What we do now is if a customer calls in it forwards them to our local answering service through our phone system well instead of forwarding to our local answering service we want to be able to forward the call to a different city to there executone phone system and forward from there to the answering service in that location with out having the long distance charge. Only way I could think of doing this is using VOIP but not sure what the best equipment to use would be? Any idea’s? Thanks

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    A gateway with a FXO device on the place where the phone line is located, connected to a permanent broadband conection.

    At the answering service end, you will have a gateway withh a FXS device,connected to the answering service console or phone system.

    You go “peer to peer” from one gateway to the other.

    You will need static I.P. addreess at least on the FXS side.

    Will be better if in both locations.

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    VOIP Newbie

    What equipment do you recommand for doing this have looked at a bunch of them but don’t know what is junk and what isnt? Thanks

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    Dan C

    VOIP Newbie & NoName :

    Ive done this for a few clients using QTelNet FXO-1301 and an FXS-1301. The equipment top notch in my mind .. good support as well.

    NoName mentioned you need a static IP, this is untrue with QTelNet’s equipment. You can use static, DHCP or Nat’d addressing. The software does all the translation for you.

    Let me know if you ahve any questions.

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    vinod shankar

    VOIP. need cnfrmation if this system is successfully used by radio stations to file voice cast of reporting and what software and equipement ( voip phone) will be most suitable for a reporter working for a shortwave overseas broadcaster for transmitting voice over internet.thanks

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    VOIP Newbie

    Dan C. is there another piece of equipment similiar to the QTelNet’s that has more ports I really like the features of the QTelNet’s but I really need more then 2 ports was just curious? Thanks

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    Noname to Dan C.

    You mentioned that you could do “peer to peer”, that is FXO to FXS accross the net or just device to device without I.P. static.

    How do you do that???? So far ,the only way to do that that I know is using a gatekeeper or server that is in a fix I.P.

    Aplio used to claim that, but in reality it was a server that does the “conection” betwen two devices that are on dinamic I.P. address.

    Do you know what is the trick???


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    Dan C

    NoName :

    Yes you can do peer to peer (fxs to fxo or ofxs to fxs) without a static IP using QTelNet products. The trick is in their software, they have something called the distributed dial plan … from what I see it is some type of messaging system that does all the work if an IP changes to update the dial plan. If “Gary” is reading this he sells their equipment too and may know more info.

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    Seshu Kanuri

    I am looking to buy a few VOIP switches that gives me the best bang for the buck.

    Can some one suggest 16-24 port gateway brand please.


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    Dan C


    Again Id say QTelNet even though they are only 2 port. Just stack the units .. I love the fact that once you set them up you never have to worry about them again and dont have the extra fees for a static ip.

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    I need more ports

    Dan C. is there another piece of equipment similiar to the QTelNet’s that has more ports.


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    Dan C

    There are lots of products on the market, but the distributed dial plan makes it all worth while that they only have two ports. You dont have to worry about changing any settings ever even if an IP address changes. You should call them maybe they can loan out a gateway so you see for yourself.

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