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SS7 interconnection solution

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    can anybody advise me about an apropriate solution ( from hardware and software point of view ) for SS7 interconnection of a VoIP POP to PSTN ?I am also interested in an billing solution that is compatible with this kind of signaling.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Are you sure about what you are asking???? SS7 is the kind of signaling protocol used when you are handling few hundred channels at a minimun.
    Anyway, the VOIP that you are using is the one doing SS7.
    From there to PSTN, you will need one or two data links or circuits to the PSTN company to carry the signaling.

    But again, there is no much point to do it unless you are above several T1 capacity.

    The company where I work have over 50 T1 ‘s, all of them PRI and we consider that SS7 is a overkill for us.

    Good luck!!!!

    Appan KH

    The C7 is required for faster connections. It will improve the quality manyfold.
    The GW supplier will give you the C7 Hw and support. But it is preferable to go for a real C7 class switch instead of C7 upgradation of GWs. The GWs C7 technology is not matured and for good performance you need to go for C7 class switch.


    I got some new information.

    In some countries, the gateway operator gets charged for the “dead air”, or the time betwen the setup of the call until someone answers that call.

    Even a couple of seconds that could be saved in each call by going to SS7 on each call, will ammount to a lot a money at the end of the year.


    Thank you Noname , thank you Appan.
    Regarding to your remarks Noname ,
    I am completely agree with you but the reason why I have choosen SS7 as signaling method is the better rates I can get from PSTN operator in my country. Using PRI lines , is very dificult to be competitive on VoIP market because of the higher rates the PSTN operator will charge me.


    But to the original question… Most big VoIP gateway vendors offer a C7 solution these days. My company is using Clarent that works very well, but there are others including Cisco. Some would include a C7 card in the gateway while others use a separate C7 server box which the GW or softswitch talks to over IP. I dont agree with Appans comments. A C7 option adds to the cost of your VoIP gateway, but this is nowhere near the cost of a C7 carrier class switch.


    Hy, at this moment I tried to interconect clarent SS7 to Telefonica(Spain). We need help for clarent´s configuration. Can you help me, Thanks in advance.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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