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Local dialtone

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    I’m trying to find a way of being able to recive calls when I’m overseas on the same number I have localy. on another way I want my local pstn line ring in a remote location and be able to get my dialtone and dial localy when I’m in my remote location. any idea on how to do this?


    Here’s what you need:

    2 VoIP Gateways with FXO port(s)
    High Speed Internet
    some technical backgroud due to configuration / Troubleshooting


    What kind of gatways do you recomand and can you explain how would I connect them on FXO ports, like do I connect the PTSN line to an FXO port on one end and a phone set on the other> please reply


    I think you actually need 1 FXS and 1 FXO. What has to happen is that the local PSTN line needs to be plugged in to the FXO at your home. The unit then has to be configured to answer the ringing line automatically and PLAR ( hotline ) the call to a unit that you specify ie. the FXS which has a standard analog phone plugged in to it. To get the other way around, ie get local dialtone from overseas, you need to set up the FXS to PLAR ( hotline ) to the FXO and all is done. Any questions?


    thanks for the simplcity in your answer, do you recommend any hardware that will do that for me?


    This all sounds like nonsense. Why are you guys going to all this trouble. Get a cheap monthly account from packet8 or voicepulse – they give you a phone number . Then wherever you plug your phone – anywhere in the world – it rings.

    Why all this discussion?


    I need a similar application, whereby I may call from my mobile to the local #, which then connects me to overseas local #. I found the cheapest harware is about $220 each. You will need two of them, one at each end.

    check this out:

    I have not installed it yet. But this is closest I found to my application. Another option is to setup two linux Asterisk PBX systems at each end. It is a little more complicated but robust application platform for tech-savvy dudes. I am not.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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