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Softswitch or Routing server

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    I have a VoIP network run with Quintum Gateways and Gatekeepers. As the next step we are going to manage transit traffic with our system ( need to handle 2 voip call legs by one equipment ). But Gateways and Gatekeepers are not capable of doing this. Then we are looking for Softswitch or Routing server. If anybody knows about this area of VoIP please advise me Which of abouve equipment is capable and cost effective for this matter. Please tell me compatible products also.


    Did you ask Quintum about support?
    I think that CallRouting Server from Quintum can do so.
    Question is if this applicable for your network. I thing that this Call routing server is good for BIG networks, becuse price for this unit couldn’t be very low.


    U can do that, and u can also try a softswitch, which I advise for different reasons….U can drop me a line and I will tell u about my experience ……I am at


    I read some advertising about a Quintum unit that could do that.
    it is fairly new on the market, but have a lot of people excited about it.
    Good luck!!!!


    Apreciated your prompt comments.

    Now I know lot of prodcts are there to support me but I need to consider scalability and availability of the network.
    Actually I like to know how to integrate a softswitch into my senario. I am considering following requirements for it

    H323 VoIP Protocol
    SIP VoIP Protocol
    RADIUS Server AAA Support ( we have a RADIUS server already and new product should support it )
    Built-in CDR Collection
    Built-in Data Collection ASR/Counter
    Proxy Server with Codec Conversion
    Proxy Server with SIP/H323 Conv
    Auto Codec Preference Negotiation
    Max Number of Channels (IP to IP)
    CLI Console
    Terminal Console
    Web Management Console

    Built-in CDR Collection
    Built-in Data Collection ASR/Counter

    It is greatly apreciated if you can comment on my rquirement with which prodcts are cost effective and scalable for long run of my business.




    What you basically need is a decent dynamic Gatekeeper and not a static Gatekeeper (difference is important), a Softswitch is just a loosely used term for a Gatekeeper really. There are several products out there, what you are prepared to pay will determine what functionality you can get

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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