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Question about A800 configuration

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    is there a way to config A800 to function as:

    Route the calls to different gateway automatically according to the phone number dialed.

    (for e.g) if dial 1-123456789 it will go to gateway 1(IP 1), if dial 011-123456789 it will be routed to Gateway 2(IP 2), if dial 018-123456789 it will be routed to Gateway 3(IP 3).

    If it is available, how to config A800, is there any limitation on it?

    Thanks a lot!


    What you are refering to is called static routing.

    If there is a limit on the ammount of routes, it is well over a hundred routes.

    On a static route, you setup a phone number or area code or country code, and instruct the Quintum to use a specific gateway for those calls.

    If you have more than one gateway that serves the same exact area, you setup diferent priority for each gateway within a route.

    I do have the whole CLI manual if you need to perform this job.
    Write me to mike3799@yahoo and I will reply with the manual.
    Your e-mail must be able to receive a lrge file (3.5 mb file)


    you only need 9 sroutes anyway if you think about it; 1*, 2*, 3*, and so on so furth… cuntry code “1” or international access o f “011” should be a part of the dailing string. So if you use LDN and e.164 standards, 9 static routes should covered the whole world. Happy configuring…


    Deva is also correct. I read a little on the Quintum book and you could have 340 static routes, with
    16 diferent DN’s on each one.
    That means that you could ,in theory, connect to 340 diferent gateways, on diferent I.P. ‘s.
    Within each gateway, you could discriminate 16 diferent numbers or area codes that you want to make diferent.

    Theseetings are on the “border element” section of the Tenor.

    Good luck!!!!


    Thanks a lot, Mike and Deva.

    Mike, I already have the CLI munual, I will go to the “Border element” section to learn how to config it.

    I will contact you if there is any questions about it, is that ok?




    We are using an Quintum A800. We’re facing following problem-

    After call connection & talking call disconnected within 30/35 seconds. (We facing this problem every destination & every call)

    Please, I hope someone could help me out of this.




    I have seen that trouble when you interface Quintum with some Cisco gear.

    Have you tried to connect to another Quintum for a test???

    That will tell you if the trouble is with your equipment or the provider that you are using.

    Teodor Georgiev

    There was such a problem in the past between Quintum and Cisco. But it is fixed since a long time ago in newer firmware versions.

    what is your firmware?

    (check with “dis v” command)

    Voip Tech

    If your network connection is not that good select net could be trying to change the call over to the pstn. You may want to try turning disabling this feature.


    at least not in quintum.

    Hi Bijoy

    It’has a simple solution.
    In config mode enter pstntg 1
    callsig must be loopstart (1)(default) and supervision is (3) answer and disconnect..answerdelay is (0) default..

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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