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Anti congestion

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    My company currently have 7 PRIs and its reach 70%.I have complained fr customer stated that the call – delayed..long connection time etc.Sorry to say, my company do not intend to invest money for more PRI.How i can really help ?

    In order to temporary solve the congestion problem,i have some suggestion, it might b silly to you guys- expert (i’m not fr technical background)

    1)Can we split the PRI according customer ? Means 1 PRI reserve only for those large usage customers.The others mix with small medium customer

    2)Assign countries to diff PRIs-mix with less seldom call countries with frequent call countries.

    Pls kindly advice me a.s.a.p


    If I understood your question correctly, u r sending calls on these PRI’s, if that’s the case yes, you can assign the countries depending on the usage to certain PRI, but keep in mind you can not split the one pri to more than 1 it….



    Thanks for your replied.Sorry, sometimes i might confusing you guys coz i’m not fr tech background.

    Is there anyways to help to resolve the congested problem temporary besides adding any PRI ?

    By the way, what’s TG ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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