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Forward a POTS line

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    VOIP Newbie

    I am new to these VOIP equipment I was wondering if there was a way of forwarding a pots phone line from one location to another by using 2 Cisco UBR924? Basically have a phone # at one location and tie it to another ubr924 at the other location? I am thinking I probably need to do FXO to FXS is this correct. These ubr924 modems are FXS ports at both ends. Thanks


    This is very possible. It really depends on the functionality of the equipment.

    I’ve done this on a VegaStream 8 port FXO calling another 8 port FXO Vega.

    so: PSTN—FXOCalifornia—via H.323/SIP/MGCP/whatever—FXONew York—PSTN

    The Vega in California would receive a call on its POTS ports (vega contains dialing rules) and sends the call to the FXO in New York via VoIP, then the Vega in New York will have a pre-configured number to send the call to.

    very basic and easy to setup.

    Andrey Tsadikov

    Vurcus hi!
    I want to make some configuration to the new vega50 and conect to him 8 analog lines .
    It is possibule?
    How I need to do it?
    Can you help me with configuration?

    Dan C

    VOIP Newbie,

    Yes you are right .. you need to have the FXO on the POTS side and the FXS on the other.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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