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Calling using IP addresses with ATA186

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    I want to be able to call my family in the US from Germany using VOIP over the internet.

    We have ATA186s on both ends connected to ADSL. How do I place a call from my ATA to the one in the US using their IP address?


    Are you using H.323 or SIP or MGCP?

    I would tell the ATA in USA to say that ATA in Germany is its Default VoIP Gateway. And vise versa to the one in Germany.

    to dial:
    h.323 id that was assigned to other phone. i.e. i164 or H.323ID

    assigned number@???.???.???.???
    ?=IP address

    I hope this helps

    VOIP Newbie

    Thanks for the reply vurcos. I don’t know whether I am using H.323 or SIP. I cuurently use the ATA with a provider (Iconnecthere) to make calls to friends etc. Since I call my family in the US often I wanted to be able to call their IP address directly and not go through the provider (i.e. make free calls) but still need to make calls to other people. Is this possible? Or do I have to reconfigure the ATA every time I want to make the call?


    You will have to make changes to the Default Proxy or the Default Gateway on the ATA everytime you want to call another device other than your providers.

    VOIP newbie

    That’s what I was afraid of. One more question…

    If I have my ATA configured for the provider can the ATA in the states still be configured with H323 to see the ATA in Germany as the default gateway? I.E if my ATA is configured to make calls through a provider, will my ATA still acept calls from the brother’s ATA in the US if his is configured so that his default gateway is my ATA in Germany?

    Sorry about the questions but I am an absolute beginner with VOIP.


    A) Any one knows an Ip address to test an H.323 phone

    B) behind a NAT router the only problem is the port addressing or the fact that the IP address goes inside the H.323 packet


    Does the ATA 186 not have a dial plan? or are you limited to calling one unit at a time?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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