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Billing problem

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    Hi Bill,
    I have a problem and wonder if any of your softwares can provide a solution. I have a PRI line (good for 30 calls) to receive incoming calls for my voip gateway. It is a pre-paid card operation. There are 3 numbers which can access to this PRI line. I want to charge different rates for the 3 numbers used to access my gateway to call the same country destination. For example, if any user dials 122222 to access my gateway to reach Australia, the rate is X cents. If any user dials 2333333 to access my gateway to reach Australia, the rate is Y cents. If any user dials 3444444 to access my gateway to reach Australia, the rate is Z cents.

    Users are not assigned any account number as it is a pre-paid card operation.

    Do you have any billing software that can deduct the balance value in the card based on the number dialed to access my gateway?

    Thanks and regards,


    what type of Gateway is it? what is the format at which it outputs CDRs? What is the Billing Cycle required?




    The function that you are looking for have a specific name.
    When you have a T1 ( I am not too familiar with E1), together with the call you get ANI (that is the number of the person calling you).
    Since you are in a prepaid calling card , the ANI is not important, you do not care where they are calling you from.
    The other piece of information that you get is the DIALED number. That is what number the caller dialed to call you. Is is used when you have a gateway with local phone numbers and also a 1800 number directed to the same ports.
    Since you want to charge extra to the guy using the 1800 (toll free on the U.S.), you use the dialed number to charge that call a diferent rate.

    Most half decent billing system will be able to apply diferent rates based on the DIALED number.



    since u have E1 you should be able to recv the Dialed # which is called DNIS from your E1 provider, if it is optioned then u can base your rates in your Billing upon that dialed #. I can help u with that Billing if interested


    I know that if I use T1/E1 service, I can get DIALED number. I wonder, if I want to setup a small pre-paid card business and use Analog lines , is it possible to distinguish which number caller is calling ? If no, so how can I charge extra for toll-free numbers?



    On analog lines, you are lucky to get caller ID, that is the number being where the call is originating.
    No “called number” on analog circuits.
    If you have a Quintum, there is field called “access number” ,on the PSTN trunk group.
    If your billing system could handle that number and change the rate based on that number, you could create two diferent PSTN groups, with diferent “access numbers”. Direct the calls from the 1800 number to one of the groups, the local calls to the other group.

    Not very eficient use of your trunks.
    It will be better to get a digital gateway and a PRI from PSTN.

    Honza Vomacka

    Email me at, I can give you some recommendations


    I am doing research on Cisco billing solutions.

    that is a billing software issu.
    I think you must talk to your billing soft provider.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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