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resetting the cisco ata 186

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    I wanted to check if anyone is aware of the procedure to configure/reset the cisco ata 186 to factory default so that I can use it with FWD. I got the ATA fro vonage, I had vonage service for one year and have recently cancelled. I would appreciate your responses.


    There is a way to do it by taking the phone offhook, on line 1, and dialing a number that spells something like “factrreset”
    If you do a google search for “ATA 186 reset” you are likely to run in the dociment from cisco that explains how to do it.


    If it was used with vonage recently, you’re locked out. At the request of large service providers like Vonage they added a feature to the firmware to password protect the factory reset command. You’d have to ask Vonage for the password – which I suspect would be something like trying to get a cellphone unlocked.

    I feel your pain – I’d planned other uses for my Vonage ATA at the end of this year and now it’ll be a paperweight.


    is it theoriticaly possible to reset Vonage ATA 186


    If you wish to use it for another than SOME COMPANY with voice over IP service, you may need to unlock it first.

    Resetting the Cisco ATA to Factory Default Values:
    Step 1: Press the function button on the Cisco ATA.
    Step 2: Press the digits 322873738 (FACTRESET) then press # on your telephone keypad.
    Step 3: Press 3 on your telephone keypad to confirm that you want to reset the Cisco ATA, then hang up the phone.

    Mr ATA

    IS it posible to adjust the ata 186 so that u can configurate it when ur outside the same network.


    The previous factory reset command will no longer work, as Vonage has requested that a password be installed at the firmware level before a reset can take place.

    Now, apart from how sleazy this is for Vonage to do since the customer has purchased the equipment and should have control over it, there is a way to overcome this:


    Hi BigDaveDiode,

    The URL you gave doesn’t exist anymore (could be someone’s just messing with me) but I would appreciate it if you could email me the document for bypassing the password at the firmware level. Please send it to

    Thanks in advance!


    I fail to reset by using 322873738#.What can be done.Is it possible to open cisco ata & …..
    Please help


    Vonage locked ’em all, now they will unlock for $15 .

    You could unlock even if locked, the encryption used on the file which is TFTP was very weak, and could be broken, notice I said could, cause as soon as it did get broken, cisco fixed it :-).

    The way it works is that vonage will place a file on their tftp server which when u reset will get picked up and u get unlocked, or they will give u a 8 digit code to unlock it. Else use it as a doorstop

    prozaz—am I dreaming

    mehta virat

    i want to insert my account and pin by phone, it is possible or not if possible how it is work?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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