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sequence of callSignalAddress in RRQ

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    hi all:
    sector callSignalAddress int RRQ Defined in H225.0 as follow : callSignalAddress – This is the call signalling transport address for this endpoint. If multiple transports are supported, they shall be registered all at once.
    Is this means that
    If one terminal register mulitpile signal address for alias name as AliasTerm, GK should return all the signal address registered in ACF whenever AliasTerm was request?
    If one terminal register multipile signal address for several alias name as AliasA, AliasB,AliasC, GK should return all the signal address regitered in ACF when any of the alias of AliasA,AliasB,AliasC was requested?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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