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how to bridge incoming line with ATA 186

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    Hi, guys.
    I have incoming PSTN line at home and ATA 186 with FXS port I guess.
    I want to find some device that would help me to make calls from ATA 186 through incoming PSTN line.

    I would dial my incoming number the device would pick up the phone, wait for pin code or so. Then would bridge with ATA 186 line and give me a dial tone so I can call anywhere using my VoIP line.

    I was looking for a device like that and all I could have found is some kinda remote line sharing gadgets at 500-900 $ looking like they were designed in 1970s..

    Any help would be appreciated!Thanks


    The least expensive I’ve seen is an internet line jack PCI card with their gatekeeper software.


    go to ebay and look for a fxs to fxo converter– they claim that it works with the cisco ata


    Yes these units on ebay work quite well with the Cisco ATA

    Search on VOIP port converter
    about $50

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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