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Using Cisco ATA 186 with Tenor A800

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    kumar ranga

    I would like to send a call to Tenor A800 from my cisco ATA 186. How do I configure it? I got this cisco ATA 186 from Vonage as part of service. Can I use the same ATA 186 to send calls to my Tenor A800?

    Please advice me.


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    Vonage have SIP network. Quintum uses H323.
    Probably the first thing you should do is to upgrade the operating system of the ATA. Then just type the IP of the Quintum in the Gateway field, and all zeros for codec (three fields).

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    Could you be kind enough to post the results of Jeff’s suggestion? I would also like to replicate your setup.

    Best regards and many thanks to you and Jeff,


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    Jeff, what if you have a Point-to-Point with two A800s (one remote and the other local) and use the ATA-186 as an analog line to feed the local A800?

    Would this work?



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    When I tried accessing the ATA by typing in my internal IP, it says page can not be found? Where am I wrong? I know that thats the ip for ATA 186. Any suggestions?

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    hi Moya, Are you able to configure ATA as per Jeff’s recommendations?

    Jeff: How do I upgrade the ATA operating system? I could not access the configuration by typin in my internal ip (for ATA). Any help is appreciated.

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    Kumar, go to and make a search for ata 186. It will show you web pages with technical info and configuration howto for ata. Basically you can configure the ATA via phone.

    Moya, the answer is yes. You can use the ATA from Vonage as a phone line connected to the Quintum PSTN. I’ve tried this once. The problems I had were related with IVR. When somebody calls the ATA number cannot hear the voice prompts from Quintum. If anybody find a workaround, please let me know.

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    I’m planning to run a test within the next couple of weeks.

    I will be happy to share all the information that I get.

    Kumar, sorry but my answer was based in theory and not actual experience. So, no I have not made it work. I will try in a couple of weeks when I start playing with the A800.

    Thanks Jeff.


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    Vonage LOCKS the configuration of the ATA 186.

    You might be able to reset it only in older versions by pressing the red button and dialing FACTRESET# on your keypad.

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    Anmar H.

    I’m using Cisco ATA 186
    I would like to know the correct GkOrProxy for Phoneserve
    I’ve configured the StaticRoute=gateway for my intranet
    Static IP, and Subnet Mask
    I’m using internet connection sharing (Not NAT).


    I’ve configured it as the Phoneserve manual says, but it doesn’t work !

    Please advice me.

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    Ray Bingham

    I live in San Jose, Costa Rica. I am using a VOIP phone( phone line using the internet). I want to connect my normal phone in a way, that I can dial from outside and get a dial tone from the internet line, on my normal phone. I don’t know if I am explaing myself.
    I use the Voip phone to make call to the U.S. I have this system at home. Know if I could dial my home phone number from my ofice and get a dial tone from my internet phone line, I could have the benefit of calling the U.S. from anywhere. I will just have to call home and wait for that dial tone.

    What I need is a somkething like an answering machine that will aloud me to get a dial tone instead of automated answering voice. I hope you undestand me.
    Do you sell something that could help me? If not, please tell me a name that I can use for it. And maybe you could refer me to someone.

    Thank You for your help,

    #24596 Reply

    There is a device made for such a aplication. It is called FXO to TXS conveter, and works exactly likr you describe it.
    The cost is bellow $50.00, and it is sold on e-bay almost daily.

    Make a search for FXO to FXS converter.
    Also, they mention ATA 186 on the ad.
    You should not have trouble finfing it on e-bay.

    Here is one item number::
    Item number: 3042976655

    Good luck!!!!

    #24597 Reply
    Ray Bingham

    Thanx. I am new at this and have no experience or back ground in this matter.
    I already found that box at ebay. I realy apreciate it your help.
    Calling the U.S. is very expensive form here, I have this idea of giving acces to other users and charging a monthly fee. Is there anyway of having a PBX that can give me a listing and talk time of the incoming call on the PSTN and the outgoing on VOIP? Whay about having some kind of password for each user, and dening their access when they fail to pay for the service?

    #24598 Reply

    If you go the PBX way to do that, you will not need the converter. the PBX will be your converter.
    You need to look for a small PBX or key system with that function.
    The service that you are trying to do is called DISA on most phone equipments.

    #24599 Reply
    Ray Bingham

    Thanx again noname. I would like to learn more about all this technology. Can you refer me to a good book , something like the ABC for beginers?
    Thanx again !!!

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