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E1 connector to Qunitum D3000

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    Hello everyone.
    I’ve just got my Quintum D3000. I have a problem connecting it to my E1 which came with Alcatel equipment that has two BNC plugs one is (E1 in) and the other is (E1 out). They use BNC connectors and my quintum uses RJ45. So I really don’t know how to connect both.
    Do I need a special equipment? where can i get it? and how much does it cost?
    Do I need to have Pabx? if yes, how much would the cheapest one cost?
    I really apprecaite your help.
    Thanks again.


    ITU G.703 specification give Industry standards for OEM’s like Alcatel, but it’s no problem in do a convertion. Only impedance adaptation: BNC = 75ohms ; RJ45 = 120ohms.
    This means you have a Tx (Out) and Rx (In) on a single RJ45 jack. and you could connect it where do you need.
    Take attention to signalitation problems.
    Let me know your email if need support.


    John, you do not need a PBX if you are planning to sell VOIP services. Calls will come in trought the E1,get into the Quintum and go out to the other end via ethernet packages coming out trought the data conection,
    On calls from the internt to your PSTN, will follow the revers path.
    Your PABX port is used only when you have a business and have a lot of phones attached to the PBX. A suser will pick up the phone and dial long distance 9or international). The PBX will sned the call to the PSTN TROUGHT the Quintum. Except on the cases where the Quintum could save money by routing the calls over the internet.

    In you case you do not need to worry about the PBX port,unlees you want to attach phones to the Quintum (something like a call center, or call kiosk of same sort)

    In that case you will need a channel bank to convert your phones to the E1 format, to connect to the port on the Tenor.

    If you have more troubles, just post again.


    Thank you both for your feedback. b4 that i was using CPM analog ports. and now i purchased my E1 quintum. my biz is mainly prepaid cards and postpaid.

    Mr. lucky star, I need to know how to make that cable. Can i buy it from telephone shops? please help me. thanks. my email is:


    What you need is a balun 75 ohm to 120 ohm convertor. Looking about a hundred bucks usd.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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