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MobileIP Project Proposal

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    Sol Jonao

    Hello, I am a technical consultant for a software company and I’ve been given a large project to design and write technical documentations. Having come from a non-IP background I’ve been put into a networking role. Nonetheless, I would like to know how to best go after the design of this project. My client private bus company has decided to provide high-speed internet, to its passengers of its 1000 buses which has wireless LAN and mobile routers, 2Mbps 3G wireless links connects to different fixed IP routers in the bus.

    I would like to know few issues:

    ** How can the new “internet draft” network mobility support requirements can provide us extended mobile IP solution to address their routing issues? And other performance issues regarding this area? What advantage can this bring in overall?
    ** Routing issues? Performance? Routing overhead?
    ** how the routing of data packets is achieved between fixed internet servers and mobile users in the bus, using the latest internet draft proposed solution.
    ** How can route optimization technique for network mobility so that packets from fixed internet servers travel directly to the mobile routers in bus?

    Any help would help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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