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Registering ATA 186 on Quintum 400/800

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    I’m trying to place calls between Cisco ATA-186 and Tenor 400 or 800 (PXB TG) , configurations seems to be good but noting happends, just get fast busy after few seconds.

    I think it’s a registration problem, but i’m not sure, and don’t know how to do that.

    10ks! for helping..


    I do not know if the A400 0r A800 is compatible with the ATA.

    I tried several cheap voip devices with my tenor ,and only few worked.

    At the same time, when I tried those phones with gnugk, that it is free, it worked like a charm.

    Be sure that you do not have more than four registrations already on the gatekeeper of the A400.
    That is as much as it takes when you buy it without upgrade.

    To verify the registration go to the Tenor and type GK EP. That will give you a list of registered endpoints.

    If you have more than four, you could still try a static route to the Quintum. They do not count as registrations.


    Hi noname, what phones are you reference to?

    Teodor Georgiev

    Cisco ATA-186 Quintum seems to refuse to work.
    That is because ATA-186 can not switch to G.729AB.
    Try with G.723.

    Noname to Gonzo

    I tried some cheap I.P. phones from
    They are located on the U.K.
    The phone registered on the Quintum and I was able to make calls from phone to Quintum ,but not the other way. It will be disconected after few minutes.
    Also tried with those Ericsson blue boxes that someone was selling on e-bay. I was not able to make it register with the Tenor.
    I will like to know if anyone ever got the ATA 186 working with Quintum.



    Alberto, go into your Quintum and type “gk ep” from your CLI prompt. That will tell you if the ATA 186 ever registered with the Quintum.
    The phone number format should be the same, meaning country code first,area code and number.
    Also you could try to type ev from the cli.
    it go into debugging mode and let you see the messages betwen your ATA and Quintum Hard to descipher,but worth a try.
    Look for I.P. addresses on the registration process.
    be sure that you are not behind a nat on the ATA.
    Look for confirmation or reject from the gatekeeper of the Quintum.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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