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Cisco Vs. Quintum

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    What is the difference between Cisco and Quintum? I am trying to start a phone card business and some people recommend Cisco and some Quintum. Which one is cheaper to build?

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    We do have both, and none is perfect.Cisco have more time on the market and more options.Also there is a ton. of information for free on the internet.
    Quintum is not that complete, but getting better. The information is not so freely available,no much help unless you buy directly from Quintum.
    Price of the equipment does not tell the whole story.Something could be cheap, but id you could not make it work, how much money will you loose????

    If you go for Quintum, be sure to buy from a autorized dealer. Quintum will not give you support fro a second hand gateway from e-bay. At least not for free.
    Whatever you do, do not go for Clarent, unless you enjoy pain and suffering.

    Good luck!!!!!

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    That is exactly what i am trying to do (buying piece by piece from ebay), because it seems a lot cheaper than retailers’. But the problem is i don’t have a support. It would be great if there is someone that gives consulting. I don’t care how much they charge since i am saving a lot from equipments and also i could get honest advise since i am not buying equipments from them. Do you know anyone who does such a job?


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    if you have question about the configuration, here is the rite place to ask, and ifyou want someone to have it configed, then pay.

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    I said i will pay. But i don’t know whom i should.

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    Jim, we are on the same boat.You could pay 3 to 5k for a terminal that will handle 24 channels or could pick up one from e-bay for few hundreds.
    Also you will use untold ammounts of hours putting it together, running into dead ends and fighting diferent issues.
    But at the end you will earn a lot and be wiser.
    Be aware of billing systems on e-bay. That seems to be the wild,wild west od the VOIP arena.
    Only second to the VOIP providers with a very low price that ask for prepayment and run.

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    Jim, Noname is in a way right, of course it’s better to buy the product from one hands, in ideal, from the original company. But some people (me for example) don’t have money enough to buy the original product. Is it an obstacle to start business? no! I bought second-hand Cisco and all the soft from one guy. His company also provided me support. I had a very good experience with them. Now my business is extending and soon i’m going to buy the original soft.
    You can mail him easily – I remember he is dealing with Cisco, Quintum and something else

    Good luck!

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    Well Robert, I think that Cisco does it to themselves.
    Try to get a quote for memory for a router (flash or DRAM). Most likely you will get a quote for several hundred dollars.
    Price on ebay:$80 for the set of DRAM,flash and the boot chip.

    Image software for a router with VOIP. Several hundred dollars from Cisco.
    Ebay price for a CD with the latest software for all the routers:$50 dollars and access to a TFTP server with even more software.
    If you are trying to make few dollars doing honest work, it will be very hard to ignore this bargains.
    Thanks for the e-mail to these fellow. It may be a good contact to keep.

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    Thanks Noname! You are absolutely right! I have a question for you. So how did you solve the billing issues?

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    Jim, have you found some guy who is willing to work with you?

    I need one myself.

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    My best advice for everyone who has Tenor without documentation is to contact Quintum and ask for support. there is fee for that around 240 USD/year, but Technical assistance is very good and promptly replays at trouble tickets.
    If you have serious busines, this is worth to have. QTAC can assist you 24/7 to fix problem or you could send questions to this forum and hope that somone will halp you.
    Eventually, this can happened but will take time.
    So you decide, you would like to earn money or be without services.

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    Did not know that you could buy technical assistance from Quintum a such an afordable yearly rate.
    Maybe the poor people like us could buy a contract and use as a “pooled” resourse???

    Just an idea

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