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gateway with dial-up, possible?

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    Do you know anyone who uses dial-up or a combination of dial-up lines to provide calling card services. There are many areas without broadband. I have heard of people using at NAT with dual dial-ups (always on) with a 4 port unit. someone in the middle east or africa. I this really possible? I know the the quality must sacrifice occasionally, but if its the only option is it still an option?


    iEnsemble can do this, because I am using this. I am strongly recomend ti use ISDN Dial up line instead of Analogue Dial up lines.
    In one 64kbps channel you can have max 3 concurrent calls and not 4.
    Using analogue dial up lines quality is not guaranted
    All the best


    is it a definete 64K or does it vary?


    In case of ISDN you can have one 64k or 2x64k and this is for sure.
    In alalogue Dial up, this depends on quality of lines and could be max 56k. Mostly in good condition you have around 52k.
    However, you must look for good ISP, because most of the problem you have from ISP and traffic which ISP handling.


    On VOIP you need the same ammount of bandwith on both directions.
    56 kb modems are only 56 kb from the net to the customer, On the direction from customer to the net they are, at their best, 33kb.That is done that way because 99% of users need more bandwith from net to user than user to net.
    I do not know of anyone using dial up for a gateway. I see that it could be done with ISDN, since it is a digital signal and you could use a multiple ammount of ISDN circuits to get more bandwith.
    Some video conference units combine up to eight channels of bandwith to create a good “pipe” for a dial-up video conference.
    Good luck!!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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