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QiQ Bill Vs D-TAC

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    My Name

    OK, I will not be “noname” any more, sorry to use your name.

    To Dave or to D-Tac, whay is price/month for your proposal?
    I didn’t use QBill, but this billing has price around 2500 USD.
    From my point of view, I didn’t test D-Tac solution either, so risk is involved anyway. To whome to trust?
    What will happend if your Hosting company stopp offering service (bankrupt), I can lost my service and still have to look for Billing.

    We will develop Billing solution which will work with Tenor, but only for receiving traffic from IP, because this is cheapest and more reliable than trying to find it over internet.

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    Hey My name-
    D-TAC does offer a free trial period; don’t like it, don’t use it simple as that. Purchased solutions they may give you a 30 day money back (which I have seen time and time again) takes 30 days to get off the ground sometimes + their way of keeping you (as a beta tester too ;). You could develop a system however it takes a lot of code, programming time and support costs, typical 6 months to over a year to work the bugs out.

    Got to look at both sides of bankrupt companies both on the purchased side and hosting side, it does happen, hard to gaurantee honestly. How many carriers have we seen go under too that we/you had deposits with?
    e-mail me

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    Hi Guys!
    If money really matters to you, why should you pay more? Recenlty I’ve bought Q-bill at $1000 and pretty happy with it. It’s a non-original copy, of course, but works normally and unlimited to the quantity of lines.

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    Joe what gateway are you using Q-bill on? Does it work with Cisco.

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    QBill works fine with Cisco’s AAA

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    My Name

    Which wersion/release did you buy for 1000 USD?
    LAtest one or old one which was cracked?

    However, I am interested to get some price info for D-Tac solution for comparation. If this is only few $USD/EUR per/month, I am willing to test it or to use it.

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    Can any one recommend a few good hosted voip billing service.

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    They are pretty good.

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    Thanks , I just sent them a mail.Please if anyone has other names of hosted belling service please forward it.

    Also can you tell me what a good deal looks like. offered me $0.002 per min and a minimum of $500 montly charge.
    That is, I have to make 250,000mins else I forfit the remainhg money.

    Are they a good company to work with

    Please advice.

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    D-tac is very competitive and works great.

    0-50,000 minutes flat rate 250 usd
    50K-250K flat 300 usd
    250K-500K .0012 per minute with a site access charge 300

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    hi Joe
    can u give me the email for the guy u purchased

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    hi Joe
    can u give me the email for the guy u purchased

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    If you are looking for a company that walk with you in a win to win situation for switching, billing tech suport (quintum, welltech,cisco,etc) afordable for small and midium size companies, you shoul contact me for free advise.

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    Hi Guys,
    I’m using Tenor A400 and A800 right now and cannot advice you anything about the work of Q-bill + Cisco. But you can ask directly the guy I bot Q-bill from. He seems to have good experience and a lot to offer. His e-mail is

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    Mr. H

    Dear Joe,
    The e-mail address you provides does not looks very “professional” to me, at least it does not looks like a qiiq e-mail…. I would suggest to contact them directly to solve any question. I am sure they will be happy to assist you.

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