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need some information

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    Where can I find the manual for A800. How can I get into the GUI. I want to set up this A800 as a voip gateway and so I need to know how to configure voip dial-peers and fxo ports.



    If you are refering to Quintum A800, you log into the unit using the RS232 input. Enter the I.P. address of the unit. Once you have an I.P. address on it,plus the mask and the default gateway, conect it to a P.C.using a hub or a reverse ethernet cable.
    Using a normal standar browser, open up http:// plus the I.P. address.
    You will get into the gui that way.
    Warning: The GUI is almost useless. Not enough for a mediocre setup. Some thing could be done only on CLI,either trough telnet or via RS232.
    Good luck


    I was able to configure IP Address and gateway and was able to telnet into it.

    I need some help in configuring VOIP dial-peers and FXO Ports.

    Can someone point me to a sample config for dial-peer.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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