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Setting up VoIP

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    I need to setup a small VoIP of 2 offices.
    1. What is the min requirement for setting up?
    2. I have Cisco router 1700 series. Is it possible to use this
    3. We have leased line of 512Kbps

    Pl. anybody knows let me know

    Thanx in advance

    Izhar Ahmad

    Yes obviusoly you can establish the voip setup.
    it is good that u ve good for two offices if offices are within the building then you need a single server installe a call manager on it and but two ip phones . and configure them throught call manager server.

    do it and enjoy the charm of voip
    best of luck


    If you want to call from one office to another, there is a very cheap solution available.
    You will need:
    1) Real public I.P. addresses on both ends
    2) About 15 kb of bandwith for each call (max of four calls at the same time)
    3) A conection to your PBX or phone system (unless sinlge line phones are O.K. with you) if you have a “key” system, you will need available C.O. trunks.

    If you meet all the above, buy yourself a couple of Ericsson VOIP WEB 100 ‘s from e-bay. There is a guy out there selling them for about $250 each pair.
    Setup the two boxes, it only takes about 10 minutes and you will be talking from point “A” to point “B” like a champ.
    So far the cheapest solution that I have found.
    By the way, I am not the person selling those boxes. Just a satisfied buyer.

    Long live VOIP!!! Keep the savings and have a good vacation somewhere.


    If you are doing point to point between two locations, ATA186 is the cheapest solution. ALl u need to do is buy two ata186’s


    I’m trying to stablish VIOP service in east africa, My base setting will be in the US and Canada. not sure the best approach and cost effective way of getting this done. for now I’m planning to start small prepaid calling card operation her in the US with the long time goal of reaching east africa ie(Kenya, Tanzania,uganda,somalia,ethopia,eriteria)any help out there?thanks

    VOIP help?

    i’m planning to sing-up with billing host companey any1 has any suggestion for us? we are maily doing pre-paid cards


    where are you passed at? if in the us, there is a comp that i’m currently setting my voip billing host with. their price si very reasonable. let me know if interested? I’m trying to start the buzz too what are the pit falls that you had experienced or you would advice for newbey?


    I’m trying to set up calling card system, there is round trip delay 0f 160ms between the two ISPs where the gateways will be installed. Is this length of delay too much for use in calling card system? there is satellite connection between ISPs.


    160 MS is a heck of good delay for voip. I am talking all the way to South America with an average of 300-500 ms round trip and excellent quality.
    You should not have troubles.


    Which equipment/system do you have and performing good quality with up to 500ms round trip delay?
    Do you have any Jitter/differemt delay during conversation and how it is compensated?


    if i want to setup voip is it requered to have public ip’s on both sides?


    Depending on the units used, you do not need public ip address’s on both sides. There are a variety of different setups you can use to accomplish this. Any questions, email me.


    I need to choose between VOIP and PBX system for the 2 office between SLC(UT) and Provo(UT) in same state, but they require long distance do I do it in most cost effective way? What is the require bandwidth for both ..and how I could choose between those? what are the advantage and diadvantage of both system?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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