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VoIP Simulator

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    Iam Imitaj currently doing Masters in Computer and Iam planning to do my project in VoIP.
    1. Is there any Simulator available.
    2. What all I need if I need to setup VoIP
    3. We have Cisco 1700 series in my office. Using this can I setup or not
    4. Without purchasing any new hardware or software, is it possible to implement VoIP

    Let me know asap

    Thanx in advance


    Nguyen Viet Dzung

    Yeah! I need a software to Simulate a VoIP calls,too. If u know help me please!

    Can i take a VoIP call with the Prepaid card if i only have a computer, a dial up connection to Internet, Mic and speaker!.

    Is it like Voice Chat on YahooMessenger? ?/

    How to measure QoS of VoIP, or do u have a Software to measure QoS of VoIP???


    Have you tried the FastIVR VoIP Cisco simulator? People say that it is a good one….If you get a copy please let me know how good it is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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