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Quintum turnkey solution vs CPM

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    Hi, I have been reading about Quintum, Cisco, CPM, and many others.

    I have been considering purchasing CPM for VOIP but have found that there are some limitations in the billing software, interoperability with gateways other than CISCO, limitations with carriers, etc.

    I have seen posted here solutions using Quintum with less investment.

    I would like to know some of the advantages of purchasing QUINTUM Vs. CPM. I intend to do calling cards prepaid-postpaid (core business), pc to phone, etc.

    I never see anything about CPM posted, mostly Quintum, Cisco, etc.

    What are some of the features that i can expect from QUintum that I cannot from CPM ?

    I need IVR in Spanish and English.

    Feel free to send me your opinion.


    Hello Charlie:

    I’m a CPM GW’s owner, and can tell you it’s the most complete solution for your needs. It includes billing, prepaid and postpaid modules for customers and ITSP’s, IVR (with up to 10 languages you can customize easyly), PC to Phone, Cisco compatibility, and so; everything included with the software supplied by CPM.
    For Cisco and Quintum, you only have the voice gateway, and have to add other hardware and software for billing, ivr and the other features.
    Depending on the number of ports, the time to setup and other circumstances, you can find which brand and solution is best for you.
    Muchos saludos,



    Where can I get the 10 languages ? i need english and spanish ?

    What about fax capability using cisco ?

    Where are you located ? please send me rates.


    You can record all of the messages for every one of those 10 languages. By default, the system installs English prompts. I have Spanish prompts recorded also. As I know, there is no source to download or get prompts already recorded.
    I don’t have any experience with fax and Cisco, but I read about it, and seems to be possible.
    I’m located in Quito, Ecuador, South America.
    My e-mail:


    I heard about the “OpenGate” add on software from CPM to interoperate with other brand gateway. Does it works to connect Quintum gateway in the other side?


    Yes, it makes CPM compatible with Cisco, and because Quintum is Cisco compatible, of course you can use it.

    Ali Munawar

    I looking for solution?
    Guys help me out. How I can secure PIN number for Prepaid Cards?

    I am trying to make International long distance card for India,Bagladesh, Pakistan, Iran,Phillipines, Midle east & more.
    Help me Out Pls.



    Hello Ali:
    Everything depends on the capacity you want to use, the price, and how familiar are you with computers or routers. Definitively, if you’re a “normal” computer user, you can do everything easily with CPM (including pre-paid calling cards business).
    If you’re more experienced with routers, you can use other solutions like Cisco or Quintum. It’s not too much easy nor unexpensive to use these equipments for pre-paid calling cards business.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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