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IP Call Transfer Buzz Problem

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    Muarrij Ahmad

    Hi, I need help with the following problem. Scenario: We have 4 call managers, 2 Checkmate gateways. Both split equally across 2 sites. The problem: A “buzzing” noise is created when a customer is transfered from the Music on hold server located at the opposite site. Music on hold(moh) is on side 2. So if a user is coming into Call Manager 1 , site 1, and is then transfered to MOH a buzz is heard by them. However if the MOH server is on the same side as the primary call manager then there isnt.
    Has anyone experienced this, or does someone have a solution – would be extremely appreciated. We know its not the hardware (we think), it seems like a configuration or possibly interface issue?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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