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confused over IP addresses

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    Anyone out there knows the difference between these 3 IP addresses: Network IP, Router ethernet IP and LAN IP.



    There are normally three numbers asociated with an I.P. address.

    1) Device I.P. or just “I.P. adress”. That is the number asigned to the device that you working with. Like a phone number is attached to your home phone line.

    2)The “mask”. That is a code that normally looks like or similar. Just a fency way to said: If the address that you are trying to go to is withing your own network, you do not need to be routed “outside”.That way if you are trying to go to another computer next room, and the internet is down, the router “knows” that you are talking to an “insider” and route you properly (next door)

    3) Gateway or default gateway. There are many “ports ” on a network. But only one connects to the outside. You need to enter that information, that way messages to “outsiders” know how to get out of the network. Like being inside downtown L.A. and looking for the only on ramp to the highway north.

    Hope that it helps, or at least will get you REALLY confused.


    Thanks. I’m really confused now. My ISP has given me a Network IP, a Router ethernet IP, a LAN IP and Subnet IP. Which IP should I assign to the Quintum Tenor IP and default gateway IP?


    Well, for sure they use diferent terms of whatI know.
    What kind of Quintum are you using??
    And could you post the numbers given to you??? Just replace the last set of digits with XXX ‘s.
    I will try to figure out what is what.

    Where are you located???


    I have been given something like this: – network ip – router ethernet ip Lan ips – Broadcast
    with submask

    Which ip should I assign to the Tenor D3000 and the default gateway?



    Janet, it does not make sense to me.Looks like your provider is giving you several public I.P. adresses. At least on the U.S. is normal to be given a list of up to 12 or 20 I.P. when you install a internet broadband connection. Something like a half of a T1.
    I will ty with a laptop or P.C. and give them each one of those adresses. if they all work, they are just public I.P.’s.
    For the D300o, all what you need is one working I.P. ( you wil get it by trial with the P.C or laptop, the mask ( and the default gateway. That normally is a number that start with the same digits that your address on the first three fields,and diferent on the fourth group.
    Have you tried calling your provider and asking wich one of those numbers is your default gateway?????
    good luck!!!!!!!


    The IP addresses you have been given break down as follows.
    – network (reserved but this tells you the identity of the network) – router Ethernet ip -(this is basically your gateway address and is used for accessing other networks) LAN ips -( This will be the address range you have been given for the PC’s are you network i.e. 172, 173, 174,175 and 176) – Broadcast (used for PC’s to talk with each other (I think). (This is used to break up into several networks).

    Saying all that none of the above numbers really gel together they are in different subnets/networks.


    Janet, it is very simple.
    You can use the IP 172 thru 176 to configure your Tenor, which ever you like, just pick the one you like, you have 5 ip to choose from.

    The default gateway is 171 and your subnet mask is
    Forget about the 171 and 177.

    I hope you are not as confused as you were before.

    Good luck!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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