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help with configuring cisco ata 186

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    i recently installed two ata 186’s as part of a LAN using linksys router. they have both been configured to use deltathree service and phone line #1 on each unit works well, but and i’m having 2 problems: 1. getting line #2 to function on each unit and, 2. getting the two units to work simultaneously on the network. (i get a fast busy tone on 2nd unit). they are to be used as part of a calling center in mexico that will eventually have 8 lines, so would another cisco product be more appropriate? Will a DSL connection be sufficient to handle 8 lines? i am, at best, a network professional in training, so i hope someone in this forum can help me with these (probably) easy questions. thanks. ray


    I think you will need more than one IP since each unit will require port 5060 and 20000 and 20001 to communicate.
    You can either forward the port to one unit or the other.

    So as far as I can see you will have to order two IP’s set your dsl device to bridge mode then connect up a small 4 port hub, put a NAT router (only needed for security reasons) for each ATA (one for your lan and one ATA and the other for the other ATA)
    Direct port 5060, 20000 and 20001 on each linksys to the connected ATA device.
    You should use two separate Deltathree accounts if you intend to receive calls.


    Alternatively you can configure the two ata186’s to work on two different ports and then configure your router to re-direct the ports accordingly to their respective ata’s
    Look in the port forward of the linksys router under advanced.


    thanks for all your input. i was eventually able to configure the second port with the help of info available on the deltathree website.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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