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VoIP for Cisco-based network

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    Hi All

    This is our to-be network config:

    A cisco 7206 VXR and a cisco 5400 gateway. In addition to that, we have 2 RADIUS servers.

    We are designing a billing application that supports prepaid, postpaid and prepaid calling card customers. There are a few confusions that I need some help with:

    1. For the noraml IP-IP and IP-PSTN traffic, who talks with RADIUS server for AAA? The 7206 VXR or the 5400 gateway?

    2. Where do we implement our own IVR call card application? At the 5400 gateway? Is there any

    3. Are there any API’s for building these IVR and billing apps? I read abt cisco’s TCL. Where can I find these API’s? Any direct links would be appreciated.

    4. I’m quite confused with cisco’s terms such as gatekeeper, call manager, etc. Would anyone please clarify the difference and the use for these options?

    I look forward to hearing from you!



    If you found a way to make a gateway out of a Cisco 5400 I will like to know how you did it.
    May be you are refering to a Cisco 5300 gateway.


    I dunno. I was informed abt a 5400. Isn’t it a gateway?? Now I am informed abt a 5814. I guess that’s a universal gateway? Does it make sense now?

    I also need to know who generates the CDR’s. How they’re stored in the database. And obviously the queries i asked before.

    Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.


    I would like to start back at the beginning. What is your call flow like and your PSTN connections? How many PSTN connections? You are using a 7206 and a 5300 and 2 RADIUS Servers??

    I can help streamline this network for you easier and cheaper just need to the network better. As far as billing, is this prepaid calling card and/or wholesale trafficing? What is your projection of minutes per month?

    Desiging your own AAA application off of Cisco API’s TCL’s etc., I have to be honest and say I hope you have a minimum of 6 months to a year of patience in developing this. Not an easy task.

    Looking forward to your answers


    Thanks for your msg. We’re developing it for someone else.

    It’s like this. Our client buys bulk time from international carriers. Then they sell wholesale time to ISP’s etc, who sell it to the customers.

    We need to track the call traffic so that our client can bill the wholesale buyers as well as the end-users.

    Call flow is like:
    1. IP-IP calls using IP phones
    2. IP-PSTN calls, using IP phones
    3. Prepaid calling card calls

    For the time being, assume that calling card is routed to a calling card partner. So, most probably they’ll handle the billing for it.

    IP-Phone to IP Calls
    Call is sent over IP network, comes to our network, is routed back to the called IP.

    IP-Phone to PSTN Calls
    Call is sent over IP network, comes to our network, is routed back to the called PSTN number.

    We need to capture these calls and maintain billing records.

    Here is the latest configuration that I have received:
    Pix 515 (firewall)
    Cisco 7206 VXR (NPE300)
    Cisco 5814 (capacity 2 DS3’s & 12 T1’s)

    Hope now it makes more sense to you. See if you can guide me with the design/development in this scenario.



    In regards to IP-IP connectivity and maintain wholesale billing look at Quintums call relay unit

    We can handle the wholesale billing on this device. No prepaid as it doesn’t have dsp voice resources to handle IVR applications.

    Not too up to speed on the higher end Cisco’s but does the Cisco 7206 and 5814 have RADIUS ports for AAA?


    Network is not in our hands. It’s already designed. And I think cisco 7206 VXR and 5814 have the AAA as well as IVR.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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