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Quintum A200 ……

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    I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem with an A200. My A200 is connected via a cable modem connection. The house has 3 phone off of the main line and the A200 sits on one of them.

    When someone in the house uses the and other phone and dials out. When they hangup after the call is done. Phone 1 on the A200 starts to ring 2 times.

    I was wondering if anyone came accross this problem and what did the do to stop the ringing.



    wilson boyrie

    Yeaph. That ghost exist.I understand that there are three phones on the house, and the Quintum A200 is conected to one of those three outlets. When a person picks up the phone and dials out, the phone attached to Quintum rings.
    The quintum A200 is supossed to receive the ring voltage from the central office, and the IVR is disabled, pass the call to the phone attached to the FXS port.
    The sequence is like this: Ring voltage present from central office ,into the FXO port. Quintum detects the ringing voltage(100 volt A.C. 20 hz) and pass the call to the FXS port ,where the phone is at.That is the way that works.
    Now the trouble.The other two phone are on the FRONT of the A200. When they dial out, specially on “rotary” mode, they generate spikes on the voltage that comes from the phone company. Those voltages “spikes” trick the A200 to think that there is ringing comming from the C.O. and the A200 start ringing the phone attached to port one.

    Solutions: Be sure that the other two phones are not on rotary mode. They should be DTMF.
    Cheap solution. Plug the phone line into line one, but your phone into phone two.
    You will not receive normal calls on that phone, only VOIP calls, or for outgoing calls only.
    The A200 will still confused, but the ringing will go to the unused port.
    By the way, Quintum does not have asolution for this trouble. I already tried.


    Thanks wilson,

    I was thinking about picking up some line filters or AC voltage spike box from radio shack. I will let you know how that works
    this week some time.

    And thanks for the response.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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