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Easy way to set up VOIP???

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    Jorgen Gilberg


    I wounder if it’s possible to buy two IP-phones (hardware) and then start calling without any interference with an external VOIP provider?

    I have seen Net2phone selling an IP-phone, but then you still have to connect via Net2phone server.

    Is it not possible to have one telephone in my home and one in my brothers home, and then start calling via IPnumber?

    Best regards
    Jorgen Gilberg


    Dear Jorgen,
    I personaly tested DSG phones
    Please vizit
    and see Interphone phone.
    Works greait!

    Kind regards,


    Hi we use vFone which is pretty good and they had given us a discount on units that we use in differnet offices to talk to each other.. their website
    Good Luck


    which sites i can buy the calling points for my ip star.

    Mostofa Afzal

    Dear Jorgen Gilberg: U can use CPM FXS card both end to make free calling each other.

    Cesar Gruta

    If at time some time calling points expired and or used, how long would it take before the ID number be removed and cancelled. And if so, can I reactivate same ID number or should I need to buy new IP since ID number is incorporated in the set itself?

    athar sabir

    yes you can install to ip phones one on each site and get a public ips in both of these phones and there you can dail the ip to ip with out voip gateway


    I know thta this can be done. A company in Britain specialises in it. I will try to find their info.

    Hollywood Voice Over

    Muhammad Arshad

    Yes, If you bought 2 Analog telephone adapter, then u can use it directly without any gw.


    You can buy two CISCO ATA 186 and use it to call directly.

    In this case you must have 2 real IP, and configure the cisco so, that he call together.

    If you can buy, and have trouble to install this device to work so how you want, no problem connect me, and I will be help you to install this device.

    Its very easy.

    If any question, you can contact me:

    Tony T

    Has anyone heard of the Avoda IP PBX. We are going to try this system to go VOIP across our three offices.

    They use analog and SIP phones and it is drasticly cheaper then getting and configuring multiple Cisco’s.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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