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New 7940 Cisco IP phone won’t register

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    I have just purchased some new Cisco 7940 phones and they will not register with Call Manager 3.1. I go and add the device, the call manager will assigin it an IP address, but when you boot the phone it gets to a point “updating software” and just stays there. When I look at the device in the call all looks well, it just says device not registered. Can anyone help.


    We have, I suppose, about one hundred IP-Phones installed at our customers, but I never saw such problem.
    So, the phone writes “Configuring IP”, “Configuring CM List” and so on. Then it goes to TFTP server and starts to download appropriate s/w image and writes it to flash. As I understand, message “updating software” appears at this point.
    1. Press Setting button and select Status – Status Messages. Is there something interesting ?
    2. You may try to change default s/w image from CallManager. Maybe it is corrupted..?


    I called Cisco and found the load we had did not like the new phones, and the old phones did not like the new load we had. We are now trying to work the problem out. Very intersting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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