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HELP needed::Prepaid calling card

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    Dear forum members and visitors,
    I’m interested in setting up an ITSP based on prepaid calling cards. For the begining, this project

    would include only two cities, that is one VoIP gateway will be installed in each city. Regarding my

    issue, I have several questions that I would like to be answered:
    1. What minimum hardware and software will I need for this project? (2 VoIP gateways, what else?).
    2. What hardware or software do I need to implement the IVR(Interactive Voice Response) service?
    3. What hardware or software do I need to implement the Billing System? (account management, new acc.

    registration, etc.)
    4. Is it possible to get this project implemented for $2000-$2500?

    Your comments are highly appreciated!

    Best Regards,


    What kinds valume of minutes are you talking about? You can get two 4 port Quintum A400 ($800 each)to leverage both FXO and FXS ports (FXO for remote callers while FXS for walk in callers, providing you can intstall the Quintums in a call shop or cyber cafe environment). If you only use the FXO ports, you are limited to 4 calls at any given time. There are few groups out there will be able to do remote RADIUS/AAA/IVR service for you with a low up front cost and monthly fee. Good way to get things started until you have the business going. Two Qunitum plus setup I think you are looking at $3500 max.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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