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VOIP General Question

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    A gerneral Question:
    we have a branch location that is connected via a T1 (ATM) that is split for voice and data. While the voice part is used infrequently the data portion has recently increased in use due to WWW access and such. Needless to say our data transfer has been sloooow. It seems a waste to have a portion of our T! dedicated to voice when it is used infrequently versus our data that is used most frequently. Is it possible to eliminate the voice data split and create a dedicated data connection that will carry VOIP and regular data as well? Would this ultimately increase our effective bandwidth? OR am I completely off base here ?

    Mohan Mukherjee

    Yes, it is possible to eliminate the voice-data split. Please request your service provide to re-provision the T1 for data only. This move will not increase the total bandwidth (1.544Mbps)however all your T1 channels will now be available to carry data traffic, hence you should be able to send both data as well as packetized voice through the same pipe. Quality of Service measures might need to be implemented depending upon the traffic.

    Super Juul

    Hi Bob,

    Make sure though that you have a router at your branch location that allows you to give priority to your voice instead of data.

    Not all routers are capable of doing this, depending on the kind of software that you use on this router.

    But the last thing you want to happen is that your voice connection is at ‘hold’ because someone is sending a 10Mb data-file.

    Hitender Pal

    Hi! BOB,

    Do take care of this while having a same connectivity for data and voica that u r voice packets shouldn’t be on hold when a big data fiel s being transfered.
    So,do prioritzed this thing while implementing QOS.



    i wanna implement a VOIP CHIP.

    can anyone help me in finding a reference design for the proj

    thnks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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