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Integration with PBX

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    I am working on a VoIP solution. I have 2 offices using Ericsson PBXs with 10 lines coming in from the PSTN and 100 extensions at each location. I intend to use Cisco 1761V. What I need help in is how many FXO modules I need to use on the router.
    I would appreciate if any one could help me out on this.


    Morgan de Ruiter

    It depense on what type of Ericsson you have. Is it a MD110?
    Try te get hold of a IP card will make your live simple.
    You could also do this with the S0 bus. enable 2 of them on each site and connect them with 2 BRI Vwic card. This way you can also use compression.
    If you use FXO cards than you will have to use for every line 1 FXO card. That meens that you need a big router to make it happen.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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