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IP phones at home

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    DUAL Talk

    Is you gateway H.323 compatible? Some product literature I found says it’s just MGCP compatible, but I find that hard to believe.

    If works with H.323 like the ATA 186, try using the test facility at our gateway. It’s described on our web site.

    If that works, you can sign up for our low international calling rates.

    Kind regards,
    DUAL Talk.


    If you could not give IP Phone a static IP address, you could not talk using IP Phone.
    When you let the IP Phone register the GK, the IP phone could talk each other.
    You could find more information from


    No need for any help any more, I got hold of DUAL Gatekeeper software and my VoIP network is running just sweet, with D-Link IP phone and gateways, DPH-100H and DG-104SH, and I also can communicate to the DVC-1000 I2eye video conferencing unit of theirs over the VoIP. Tx anyway


    Hi Everyone
    I want to open one calling center or calling shop in eastern Europe, does anyone know which company offers the best calling rates for calls between Europe, and what type of gateway do I need for 8 phones. If 8 phones work at the same time what type of internet speed do I need?
    If anyone helps I can pay you for help.

    Noname to Armend

    For a eight lines gateway you could use a Quintum A800. It provides eight analog (to connect to single line phones)
    For internet access, you will need a minimun of 128 kb. That will be the bare minimun.
    The calculation is about 16 kb for active call.
    If you have access to more bandwith, getting 256 kb is like having a quality insurange.
    If all what you could get is services like 64 kb, you could get a couple of A400. Each one is good for four lines.

    Remember: you need bandwith on both directions. Mos ISP ‘s claim that they could give a lot of bandwith of download from the net to you. The key will be the link from you to the net.
    You will need the same ammount of bandwith BOTH WAYS, unless there are going to be computers connected to the same link also.
    For quality reasons, having computers and voip on the same link with not much bandwith is not a good idea.

    Providers: Have no idea. Be careful and do not send big checks to people with only yahoo or hotmail e-mail addresses. Insist on a land line number to the company.
    Lot of crooks out there!!!!!


    16K is probably theoretical, therefore also consider you will need additional bandwidth for packet headers. I have a calling solution that can give you as many as you like behind the same firewall. the compression codec uses 16K per call, however I tell users a MINIMUM of 20K per call due to packet headers. That figure also does not take into consideration delayed packets that seem to be more prevalent in underdeveloped countries where caling centers are more common.


    Florian, You say …. I purchased ATA from Amazon and factory resetted the device. It works perfect with …..
    So I did, but how you factory resetted ???? .. it looks like impossible

    N. K

    I purchased an ATa from Amazon and it is locked too. there is no way the new Version can be factory reseted because it is password protected. if some one finds a way to reset the new firm ware 2.16 pl share with us on this forum.

    N. K

    Marcos Can you please share the name of the Low cost SIP phone Name and where itis available.

    N. K


    Hi George
    DO NOT initialize the ATA and plug it in the Ethernet as advised by Vonage at the beginning. That way the box will hit their server and download via TFTP a locked firmware (if not already installed on warehoused item).

    This is the normal factory reset procedure:

    From the FAQ

    a) Take the phone off hook.
    b) The red button on the top of the ATA-186 will illuminate.
    c) Press the illuminating red button on the ATA and dial 322873738#. (The numbers spell FACTRESET# on the telephone)
    d) Voice prompt will ask you to dial * to save changes you have just made.
    e) Press * on your phone’s keypad.
    f) Hang up the phone.

    I have now heard that appearantly the most recent version of the Vonage package CANNOT be factory resetted. Hang on where the community discusses such issues.


    Watch out for some vendors on e-bay. SOme of those unusable ATA ‘s are making it to e-bay already.
    I bought four like that and I am thankfull to have used a credit card on the transaction. Otherwise, I will be out of more than $400.00 dollars.


    Check for low cost SIP phones at SIPPHONE.COM. This is the best place to buy, whether you use their accounts or not. 2 for 129.00 US


    Are their any cisco ata 186 available in TORONTO, canada.please let me know.
    Thanks in advance


    Hi Florian,
    I tried that procedure b4, does not work. That helpful resource is nothing but to confirm that well before.
    You said you are sure about !

    Not naive but for 100$ for an adapter with a single chip I should be able to use it for private use. Why someone should be locking up “your” property?
    I did paid for it, right?
    Should be a way! Someone knows if possible physically reset or how to buy /get a licence .. whatever?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 91 total)
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