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    Hi all Happy New year

    I try to using announcement service ( calling card) my cisco as53xx box

    1) I have my own billing system
    2) announcement files in as53xx
    3) I have my own Gatekeeper

    how can I enable announcement at cisco as53xx box ?


    Chris Rigby

    Ypu’ll need to grab one of the Cisco IVR scripts or write your own in TCL.

    Basically you upload the IVR script to the flash of the 5300 then add the line

    call application voice

    then in your dialpeer for the e1 you add the command


    than all incomming calls ar run through the application.

    Cisco have some good example ones that do most things people need. If not you’ll need to hire yourself a TCL programmer with a good knowlage of h323 and ISDN. 😉

    Chris Rigby

    Hrmmm I used pointy brackets in my post and the forum cut them. SOrry… here they are again

    call application voice (common name) (url e.g flash:filename)

    and on the dialpeer

    application (common name)


    MR Chris Rigby Thannks

    but I’m still don’t know

    could you give me some sample configuration


    Chris Rigby

    Hrmm the configuration of the Cisco Gateway isn’t that hard but the writing of the script to handle the prompts is the job of an experianced VOIP programmer. It’s not easy at all. There are some example scripts to load to your Gateway at Cisco’s web site, but they don’t work without heavy modification. I would suggest that to do what you want you’re going to have to hire or contract to an experianced VOIP engineer.

    Sorry I can’t give you better news. But I’ve been doing VOIP for 2 years and It’s still not the easiest thing to impliment a Calling card service from scratch.

    The configuration I gave you above would do your Gateway but the script and voice announcement files are another matter.

    Romulo (SOS!!!)


    Hi… is it possible to use the Getvariable TCL Command to get the user and pin code from the AAA Server?

    Hi have the following situation, i have an ANI number that is tie to a usercode and pin. What i want to do, is use the Getvariable command with the ANI to get the usercode and pin from my AAA Server.
    Is it possible? ANy comment will be very appreciated…



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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