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VOIP query

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    Hello all!!

    I am working for a carrier company who uses ip network consisting of Cisco Routers to transport voice calls.The company deals mainly with pre-paid calling cards.The customer buys the card and dials a toll free no. to make a voice call or makes a call thro a dialer program(Installed on the pc) which sends the calls thro the ip network.When i make a call from a dialer on a pc which has a dialup connection,then absolutely there is no problem. But when I make a call from a pc which is on the Home LAN then only the destination party is able to hear my voice.I am not able to hear their voice.We r not using any firewalls as of now in the home but may go for it in the future.Nat has been configured on our home router and we hv a DSL connection to the ISP.I am not able to figure out the problem.can someone help me in identifying the problem

    Thanx in advance..



    Is NAT used on your home LAN?

    NAT [/PAT]: (network [/port] address translation) usually used for mapping *one* public ip-addr to multiple private ip-addr.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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