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Voip test tools

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    anyone know are there any tools can be used to test the connection of the Voip network. I setup a environment to test voip phone and gateway. some times the voip phone can ring but can’t hear the voice from oposite after pick up the handset. I don’t know what happen. I need to know If any tools can help me?


    maybe be your NAT cause this problem?


    You need to specify the scenario to us. The test tool you need depends on the scenario. There are many out there.
    Is it H.323? are you using a media gateway or IP phones or both? Have you set the same codec for each end? What is the call path?


    Thanks for reply.
    I use ADSL modem connection in both side. one side setup a gatekeeper (GNUGK). Gatekeeper is site behind NAT. I forwarded 1719-1721 ports to the internal address that used by gatekeeper. another side, I use a router to do the same things (forward all ports to the internal that the phone using). some times the connection has problem. because I need to install many remote site that connect to the gatekeeper (main site). some site use the same connection but with problem. It can connect to the gatekeeper and can ring. but no voice can be hear. some times one side and some times both side. So I need a tools to check what happened in those site. I am sure that the voice codec are the same. The call path is:
    endpoint –gatekeeper–router–ADSL modem—Internet—ADSL modem—Router—endpoint.

    Tom Howard

    I suggest getting a sniffer to actually see what’s happening to the packets. You can download a free Ethernet sniffer called Wireshark.


    When gatekeeper is site behind nat,you have to set DMZ and add items in .INI file like this:


    You have to route port TCP1503 to the phone I think

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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