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VoIP companies – Net2Phone/ Vonage HELP

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    I want to set up VoIP as an extra line for my business. I looked at 3 companies Net2Phone, IConnectHere, and Vonage. I want REAL VoIP using an IP phone or the ATA NOT just a soft dialer(program)! Also i want a local number 414 or 262 basicly in Milwaukee, WI. Now Vonage is the only company that says which area codes it has numbers in! And they dont have Wisconsin. I think Net2Phone ONLY has 1-800 #s also i think they discontinued their SIP/VoIP service only soft phones now 🙁 . I would not mind a 1-800 number but i do not want to pay $0.10 / Min for incoming calls! Also unlimited local calls would be nice 🙂 Anyone know any service that offers somthing like this…the cheaper the better – i dont need much.

    Also does anyone know the “Tech Support” numbers for any of the above companies so i could call and find out exactly what the deal is. The numbers are not listed on the website!


    Arun M Prabhu

    yes possible.
    pls give ur requirements


    Try Vonage, they are the best


    Vonage has greater bandwith requirements LOOKOUT! Net2Phone is not cheap by any means, and Iconnecthere has some quality issues with some routse in Mexico.

    Just a suggestion, try, although they only have california numbers , I think they can tie it to a toll free number for about 3-4 cents per min

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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