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Beware of illegal copies of Q-Bill

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    There is a guy from Rusia (I believe his name is Kurill) offering illegal copies of Q-Bill. Before you run to buy this illegal copy of Q-Bill, you should know that QiiQ has issued a recall notice earlier this week with the reasons for the recall stated as follows:

    I quote:

    “Due to some not before seen software issues, QiiQ is issuing a recall on all of our Q-BILL version 4.x.x or earlier software.

    Specifically, the situations that have come up are as follows:

    1- Under certain conditions, the RADIUS handler stops and ceases the prepaid calling card operation.

    2- There are some bugs that occur under certain Windows settings.

    3- These versions do not work with Cisco gateways.

    4- The RADIUS handler does not properly process messages due to Quintum’s recent revision of their vendor specific attributes.”

    QiiQ will release Q-Bill version 5.12 next week which is a major release incorporating many useful new features for ITSP business including Remote Access to Q-Bill web server from Internet Explorer browser with the functionality of Microsoft .NET, full interoperability with Cisco VoIP gateways and facility for integration with their soon-to-be-released Q-CallShop Server.

    I have been testing this version for the past 3 weeks and am very impressed with its superior features, interoperability and stability.

    Additionally, the QBill this Rusian guy offers is based on the evaluation version of the Q-Bill which QiiQ had been offering to anybody interested in testing it for free, you should also know that QiiQ has impregnated codes in the evaluation version that would permanently disable the software’s functions under certain triggers. (You better believe it, the people at QiiQ are no fools).

    For all the above reasons, you are well advised not to be suckered by Kurill’s bargain.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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