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Help in cisco voip!

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    I have a general question about configuring cisco’s call handeling.

    I am using 3640 and IOS 12.2(7). Not connected to a Gatekeeper.

    There is one E1 (ISDN PRI) connected to port 1 of my nm-hdv module and i have 3 numbers assign to my E1 line which routes on all 30 bchannels but each gives a different DDI for example:

    02078011122 gives DDI 1122
    02078022233 gives DDI 2233
    02078033344 gives DDI 3344

    when you dial any of the above numbers from PSTN you will receive a secondary dial-tone from Cisco and you need to dial your destionation number(two stage dialling). The service is designed for international calls so the users will only dial international numbers…

    I have configured couple of dial-peers which routes calls to other VoIP gateways to process the international call.

    I am trying to limit the caller to be able to dial only to one destionation coutry which is different for each number! for example number1 only allows calls to USA and number2 allows calls to germany and no other!

    When i define dial-peers for those countries, it will apply to all calls regardless of what number the call came from (What DDI).

    The question is how can i configure “DDI Specific” dial-peers on cisco gateway?

    This will allow me to run several “applications” using several access numbers connected to a same cisco box.

    Your help is very much appreciated!

    Best regards
    Hamed Nik

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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