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Cisco Dial Peer digit strip

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    According to all cisco documentation and books the outgoing POTS dial peer of a Cisco gateway should strip the digits which match the digits specified in the ‘destination pattern’ (e.g outbound POTS destination pattern of ’49.%’ should strip the 49 and just leave the rest of the digits).This is the default behaviour according to cisco (digit strip = 1 in the dial peer). Only it doesn’t do it. The egress gateway dials the whole number including the 49.

    Anyone know why and how to fix? We are using DID on the inbound POTS dial peer.



    Did you try using a number expansion to resolve this problem.
    this could be a good work around but may not be a complete good soln.

    try some thing like
    num-exp 49# #, in case of which, if you dial 491000, actually router sends out only 1000. Try it out.


    Thanks for the reply. You could also use number translation on the outgoing POTS dial peer. But it would be nice to know why it doesn’t work as documented, as we have the feeling we must be doing something wrong.


    if you are using IOS after 12.2.1
    you can simply use the command
    no digit strip on dial-peer

    Mohamed Gaber
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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