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VOIP hardware (LineJack &

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    Sunil Tailor

    In order to connect VOIP network I need at least :

    1) PC 386 or more
    2) Sound card, full duplex capabilities.
    3) network connection

    these have to be present in 2 machines.

    And to connect to the internet I need some kind of hardware accelerating cards like Quicknet PhoneJack or LineJack.

    My Question is. Is it possible to have the above and using a voice / fax / modem instead of using a phoneJack card.



    Simple answer is no.

    Detailed answer is that voice/fax modem is not the same as PhoneJack. The Phonejack is essentially a sound card, with the G. protocol drivers built into the hardware. With the analog to digital conversion happening in hardware, it is *much* faster than in software. This reduces the delay due to slow software conversion and dramatically reduces the tiem to get your voice to the other party; less lag.

    However, with a full duplex sound card, you can skip the Phone Jack AND modem altogether and just do the VoIP in software, like NetMeeting, etc.

    Other interesting note is that the software has to be written to take advantage of the PhoneJack driver capabilities, so PhoneJack with Netmeeting is pretty much the same as with a full duplex sound card. The hardware embedded protocols don’t get used unles you use the Internet Switchboard software from Quicknet, or Net2Phone and their driver.

    Hope that helps.



    It is possible to use the phone jack or linejack to make call using other compaines such as Net2phone etc.


    Yes, it is possible, but you need to find an old copy of their switchboard software. The newer one forces you to us Microtel – which is their service that resells other providers.

    Older versions of the software allow you to put in your Net2Phone account # and password.

    Note however that some features and advances made in the newer software you won’t be able to use. What I actually do is use the newest driver with the old software. Works like a charm (so far).



    I am trying to find an old version of the Phonejack software in order to be able to use my Linejack card with Net2Phone and not to be forced working with Microtelco.
    Has someone have the old version of the Phonejack or the SwitchBoard?



    Hi can send you the software that originally came with the card if you need it?
    On the other hand does anyone know how to make the phonjack pci work with win xp? If you do please let me know would be grateful


    hay, i m the student of computer science and i m doing my final project on VoIP .and i want the help from u regarding my project.plz dive the complete knowladge about the infrastructure of VoIP(how VoIP works).i shall be thankful to u.


    hi friend plz for God say help me

    i need Voip software plz plz plz help me


    dave plz send me voip software with code

    u can e mail me at i_laghari at hotmail


    How do you connect a proprietary voice card to somone on a LAN whose PC is running netmeeting.
    I have the C sample codes to connect 2 people thru 2 prop voice cards but not 1 card and 1 meeting?

    Any suggestions on how to approach the problem would be really appreciated


    Can you send me old version of software ? thanks..

    I would also like if possible to use the linejacks and phonejacks for the SIP protocols rather tha h323.


    The only way to go today is Open Source. Check out , load it on your spare PC running linux and now you have an instant telco.



    I am trying to find an old version of the Phonejack software in order to be able to use my PhoneJack card with Net2Phone.


    hi i need to know if my phonejack pci work in my windows xp thanks

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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