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Packet Prioritization

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    I want to setup a VOIP network with the following devices:
    An Adtran Total Access 600R router, which will be provided by the ISP, I want to attach an switch to the router and I will have to attach all the devices accessing the internet to this switch. There will be a Quintum Tenor D2400 gateway which will attach to the switch to access the internet. Also there will be about a dozen PCs attached to the switch to access the internet too. I want to give priority to the Voice over IP packets coming from the Tenor gateway over the PCs. I am wondering if anyone can help me with how I can do that. I am afraid that the Adtran router does not have the ability to priotize packets. Can you recommend an switch which can do that type of priotization. Can the Cisco catalyst 2924 switch do such function. I don’t care if the switch priorizes per packet or per port or per node, all I need is to make sure the on site PCs do not take over my limited banwidth and choke off my voice over IP packets.

    Please help.



    I have the same, 10 pcs and voip, and my ISP configured my Cisco 805 to give prority to voice over data.
    I hope this helps.


    Thanks oswaldo, in my case my ISP is not providing Cisco, they are providing Adtran router, does anyone know if adtran routers support VOIP prioritization. If it does not, the only thing left for me that I can control is the switch I am going to buy to interconnect devices. Does anyone know of an affordable Ethernet switch which supports VOIP Priotization.

    Thanks all



    All network components, all nodes that is, need to support either QoS or Diffserv if you want to make it work properly. Just a new switch won’t work.

    An AVAYA Cajun is a good, but expensive switch, if you’re interrested


    Samatar, will be good to buy a Cisco router, u can find good options in the market USA for as low as $500 or maybe less


    Can anyone tell me what is the exact cisco config comman to give priority to voice packets over data



    Use the “ip precedence” command to configure the value set in the IP precedence field when voice data packets are sent over the IP network. This command should be used if the IP link utilization is high and the QoS for voice packets need to have a higher priority than other IP packets. The ip precedence command should also be used if RSVP is not enabled and the user would like to give voice packets a higher priority over other IP data traffic.

    This command only applies to VoIP peers.

    The following example sets the IP precedence at 5:

    dial-peer voice 10 voip
    ip precedence 5

    source: Cisco

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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