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    Technically Challenged

    I have an existing client for web development. They have a single office in the UK but regularly call a number of clients overseas (all clients are in one geographic area / phone area code).
    I am thinking that a VOIP network would offer them significant call savings. My current thinking is for myco to set up a VOIP connection using them as the main client but this would enable me to on sell any spare capacity / out of office time to other customers.

    As a company we already have computers / servers and asdl connectivity and a relationship with an isp at the other end but have limited experience on the telephony front.

    For start up we would be looking at 30 lines on an ISDN line (E1 ?).
    As far as I can tell there would appear to be 2 methods for VOIP….

    1) Buy a VOIP gateway that automatically recieves the analogue call, compresses it and routes via IP
    2) Buy some sort of telephony card that gets the information onto a computer and run / write some software that handles the compression / routing.

    I would appreciate any thoughts you guys have on the best approach given we have finite financial resources but a fiarly broad range of programming skills.

    Any information on the hardware that would be required / likely costs of this kit would be useful

    As the name implies simple answers would be appreciated.


    Dave Weller

    I can help. It is a very easy network to set up.

    Looking forward to talk to you





    If you post your response here, it would help others too.. not only for the persons who is trying to do the same but also persons like me who is trying to gain some knowledge in this field from the comments posted by gurus.


    Technically Challenged

    Thanks for the offer of help but I need some more input into pricing before I contemplate going any further.
    Looking around this board cisco 5300’s seem to be a popular choice but at 16k a box isn’t going to be viable for a smallish client list.
    Bottom line is I need to know what the minimum hardware spec is to run 30 lines from a single ISDN line is plus the cost.
    Alternatively if i don’t go for a bespoke voIP router what type of telephony cards + compression software would I need.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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