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Is VOIP right for my Company?

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    I am the IS Administrator for a rather small company of about 50 employees. We are all located in one building so I will not be routing VOIP to a remote network.

    Basically we are starting to run out of PBX connections and we are wandering if VOIP is a good solution to move to sense we are expecting to grow a little more in the coming year? I am looking for documentation on VOIP setups for my type of environment not necissarily a yes or no answer.

    Thank you for your time
    –Chad Wilson


    If you are using hub switches and not hub repeaters you can get away without QoS with a small application as you have.

    You have two choices

    Extend your existing PBX by linking to a VoIP Router via T1/E1.
    (think of it as a second PBX)


    Change everything to VoIP.

    Specific setups depend on your configuration, (e.g. dialing plan trunking) I recommend you write a small RFP and Hire someone to install it for you.


    Thank you for your suggestions even though it did not direct me toward any documentation I do appreciate the response.

    Currently my network is made up of low brand unmanaged switches (which currently get the job done) that were purchased prior to my arrival. I do like the second option because personally I would really like to do away with the current PBX and VM system but I have to weight my options to know what will be best for the company and not overkill.

    As for the hiring of a VoIP consultant that is not a bad idea but with my experience in Nortel and Cisco layer two and three routers I feel highly confident that I can setup a VoIP system for my work. I just need to get a non-Cisco bias book that will direct me toward the right system for my environment.

    Thank you
    –Chad Wilson

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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