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Cisco config problem

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    I have a Cisco AS5300 connected to another Cisco As5300 . The far end Cisco is attached to an Orion Channel bank. The problem I am experiencing is that there is a big delay (25-30 secs) before ringtone and also sometimes there is ‘dead air’ where all I can hear is my own voice.

    Is this problem to do with the cisco , the channel bank , or the far end pstn?

    Many thanks


    Please, can you help me. I have cisco AS5300 and ORION GSM channel bank. For out going call it is OK but it don’t work for incoming call.


    We have problems with our prepaid card platform where channel bank is connected to as5300. The calls is not get cleared in the cisco eventhough the user in the PSTN side hang up the calls. It is not giving the correct disconnect supervision. We only used this for origination.

    Any thoughts?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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