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OpenPhone call to PSTN phone

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    i have some question, hope that u can help me.

    im just started to use the openH323.
    my architecture is :
    PC phone – gateway(internet telephony gateway) – PSTN phone.
    i have set the PSTN phone number in the gateway.

    i have download the openPhone h323 client. I run openPhone as my PC phone. I made a call to PSTN phone. The phone success to ring, but failed to receive the sound.

    my questions are :
    1. why i success to call the phone , but failed to hear the sound.

    2. Is there any other gateway configuration needed?

    3. do i need to use the PSTNgw as my gateway software and have to use either quicknet / voicetronic as my gateway hardware?
    is that compulsory to use quicknet / voicetronic as my gateway if i choose to use openH323 source ?

    thanks a lot.



    Do you have debugs? It sounds like you didnt negotiate the media stream.
    Possibly some issues with Fast start media negotiation vs slow start.


    thanks. will check on it.
    beside ,is anybody can help me on question 2 and 3.

    thanks a lot.


    I am working on a prototype whereby i shall be using a voicemodem and a driver i will be programming to act as a gateway (i.e. replace the voicetronics/linejack cards and the PSTNgw program).

    Then i’ll use openphone as an H.323 client.

    So, as you can imagine, openphone client doesn’t require special hardware… only PSTNgw requires special hardware (i.e. voicetronics or linejack).

    Hope it helps you.
    If someone is doing, or has done a similar project, please email me on



    I am working on a prototype. The
    feature of my system is:
    *Line jack card
    and client openphone
    the question is:
    the ReaDme.txt of PSTNgw is dark for to form this. where find information on the options of PSTNgw?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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