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Microcontroller based standalone voip

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    Me and my varsity partner are undertaking a project to design and possibly implement a simple voice over ip system based on a coldfire microprocessor. We are trying to decide (and are quite devided in opinions) which protocol would be best suited to this application, SIP or H323.

    If you can think of anything else that would be of use to us please tell:)

    Tom Howard

    There was a discussion about this recently on this forum. Click here to read it. Essentially, SIP is text based and H.323’s encoding is much more complicated. Once an H.323 stack is built, it is very extensible and robust. But building it is a huge task.

    Good luck.


    Thanks. It was an interesting read however I dont quite understand what is meant by SIP being text based. Can someone explain this to me?


    Tom Howard

    It means that with SIP, all messages are sent as ascii text. Using a sniffer, it is very easy to read what’s going on. A typical message might be:

    INVITE: SIP/2.0

    With H.323, all this information is encoded into a more bandwidth effecient stream, and cannot easily be interpreted without software.


    Ive decided to use a SIP protocol. Would it be of any advantage to create a program on top of an OS such as uClinux?

    thanks for the help


    Hi Bark

    I been looking into same thing myself. I have found chip maker thathas thewhole DSP part done if you give email I willcontact you about it.


    Would and could someone give the same info DSP chip maker that has the code already done…..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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