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Asus capture drv./Netmeeting????

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    Hello there.

    I´m writing to you because I have problems connecting my video capture driver with Microsoft´s Netmeeting. I simply don´t get any image in the netmeeting.
    Im running Win2000
    I have a Asus AGP3400TNT video in/tv out
    I have finally got my Asus Live to functioning well.When I run that program It works fine. But in the Netmeeting I go to the tool menue and chooses “video” and there I chooses the capture driver. Wich is:asus VFW capture driver V.1,1 for windows2000.
    I also downloaded the Nvidia WDM_1.08.exe ans ran that one. But nothing happens.
    Please help!
    Kind regards


    Same happens to me under Windows 2000 and a ASUS v6800 Deluxe
    it only runs under Windows 98
    with no Problems.
    I just encounter flikering problems on driver later than 6.31.

    so my recomendation is to use 6.31 Version of Asus Drivers. All funktions are supported for Netmeeting under Windows 98.

    For Windows 2000 I encounter Flickering problems as well for Asus Live later than version 6.49

    I just wonder when Asus is going to solve this Problem!


    Did any one resolve this issue as I have the same problem.


    May i know the disadvantages of netmeeting over VOIP?


    Torsaldor, where can I get the ASUS 6.31 drivers? I can’t find the damn things anywhere! I just want to capture video and apparently the Microsoft image capture drivers are no good. Grrr.

    Oh, and the netmeeting issue is a known one. The microft drivers do not properly support it in win98

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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