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Transfer VoIP signaling

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    I want to know method to transfer signaling in voip. Signaling in voip use h.323 and sip, but I don’t understand how a packet of voip signaling.
    Please help me,


    whether packet of voip signaling is the same packet of voice, but the signaling is different from voice.I’m not sure, is it true ?

    Harris Coltrain

    There are many signaling protocols H323 and SIP with VOIP and SS7, SIGTRAN etc with Telco and how they work together.

    I do not understand your question when you say “method of transfer”.

    Please re-frame your question and I will hopefully be able to answer it.


    Hi Harris,
    Really, I want to know the packet of signaling in voip.
    For example, after H.323 endpoints have disscovered a local gatekeeper, they must exchange H.225 RAS messages with the gatekeeper. Endpoints first send registration request RRQ messages to gatekeeper on UDP port.. But I don’t know whatthing in “RRQ messages”, the most important that I don’t know the difference between packet of signaling and packet of data.
    Could you explain for me ?

    Thanks in advance

    Tom Howard

    There an introduction to H.323 at It may not be in enough detail for you though.

    The H.323 protocols cannot easily be read and decoded. The information is not always byte aligned. It is encoded using PER (Packet Encoding Rules – X.691).

    This makes it very compact, but very complicated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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